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Teach the new generation to take photos and earn money.
Develop an entrepreneurial mindset – I work for myself, I don't need to work for anyone.
Create the largest community of photographers around the world.
Open the opportunity to travel and earn money by taking photos.
Erase the boundaries between work and life.


Ulu.world is a project of an open community of creative people around the world, we support all spheres of art, we believe that everyone can create, and can share their creations with the whole planet, and at the same time, earn income.

The project is created for people of a new time, a space where there are no more barriers and bureaucracy, the main link is the talent of a person, our project exists in a free economic space, and interaction occurs directly between people, this means that there is no third party, in the form of regulators, states, banks and other organizations, this makes it possible to act freely, without restrictions.

The ulu.world website is a platform where you can create a beautiful portfolio, your own store of goods, various types of events, sell locations, photos, files in a single copy, and there is much more to come, you can start earning income today.

The convenience of the site is a search on the map, it marks all the points where the product was created, where the service is provided, or where the place is located, as well as a filter with which you can quickly find what you want, and what is next to me.

We have made it so that it will be convenient for people not only to search, but also to buy, with each purchase, a pleasant cashback will come, which can be spent on any other product or service, so there will be much more purchases, because the wallet balance will always be positive.

We also came up with how you can make money on photos in general to any person with a phone, imagine the following, a store of unique phone covers, released in one copy, where each user creates their own, and begins to not only sell them, but also buy them, the cost increases with each sale, and the more it is sold, the higher its cost, and higher its rating, with each sale you get income, it's a simple economy, but that's not all, let's say you know a beautiful place, for example, where delicious food is prepared, you create a point, description and price, and sell it on the map, Cool, isn't it? We went further, let's say you want to give a tour, a lecture, learn to play the guitar, (or whatever else you can do), create a point, a description, a price, and post it, and this is just the beginning.

We are in favor of making money in fun, doing what you like.

The project also created its own cryptocurrency ULUS, everyone who will make purchases will receive it in the form of cashback, for the currency you can buy different goods and services, as well as change it for real money. The exchange rate will increase when buying and selling, so everyone can get income! (remember the bitcoin exchange rate:).

The uniqueness of the project lies in each of us, each person is its continuation, bringing the best and most beautiful, we will create the atmosphere of a new space where we will support each other and get better every day, we invite everyone, tell your friends, it's time to unite, our time has come!


Invite to cooperation:
photographers, for the creation of training courses
– marketers to promote the project in your country
– educational institutions for teaching students photography
– manufacturers of smartphones and cameras to create good projects
– programmers to develop a better camera
– operators, for shooting a documentary

You're not on the list, but you have an idea? Write to us winwin@ulu.world


We proud to use this great projects, they help us to build ULU everyday.

Hasura – Vue.jsFlutter – GitHub – Map BoxWavesTelegramAdobeTrello 



There are many tasks, even more ideas!
- We are looking for real ones, those who are cramped in their offices, those who are not afraid to act, to make their own decisions.
- We do not work, we create, and we do everything remotely, our values ​​are freedom and responsibility, did the job, walk boldly.
- We reward worthily, we do payments with project token #ULUS – it will grow.

Who are we looking for in the team?

  • Travelers - your places are very much needed on the map.
  • PR people - it is important for us to tell about the project wherever possible.
  • SMM - new places in social networks
  • Marketers - we will tell you about the product in a beautiful way
  • Designers - graphics, interfaces, a new look at familiar things
  • Developers - we are writing a large project using modern technologies
  • Managers - in all areas, a creative approach to management is important
  • Not on the list? - it doesn't matter, write, maybe everything will work out)

Interesting? Write now to jobs@ulu.world, tell us about yourself, we will answer everyone.

Contact us

Collaboration winwin@ulu.world
Ideas idea@ulu.world
Investing invest@ulu.world
Support team support@ulu.world
Telegram channel uluworld


App will be free?
Ulu is a free app for everyone, but there will be also paid options, for example, you can increase disk space for storing files.

How will makers will earn money?
Sell their services, products, digital stuff, for crypto coin #UWORLD.

Why don't I have enough orders?
We recommend you to attract friends, people around, improve your account: upload more albums, use the payment type "per file", "donation", bring your customers and use the app for new sessions, get feedback, grow in the rating, all this will affect your future orders, as well as increase the rating with each new user on your recommendation.

I have ideas how to improve the project, how to contact you?
We look forward to any new offers, feel free to send us an email support@ulu.world the ideas that we will adopt for implementation will be generously rewarded with tokens to your account.


Our team consists of creative, open-minded, passionate people. We believe that we can build our own future, boldly moving forward, changing old patterns, and implementing new ideas that inspire us.
Sharing knowledge and opportunities, creating and creating, bringing beauty to this world through our creations is what we believe in. These principles are reflected in our ULU project. We believe in a decentralized world, and create it together with the community, join us.

Alex Mawulu
Founder, CEO