White paper

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The #ULUS token is a cryptocurrency for paying for services and goods on the app, users get cashback, can accept payments, exchange to other cryptocurrencies, the rate of our cryptocurrency will grow, the more users there are, the higher the rate will be, you can simply earn on its growth or exchange, main function is to be accepted on your store on, you can sell goods, services, NFTs in our native currency, or choose another. If you interested in currency trading or change, you can quickly trade the #ULUS token in different crypto pairs.

Road map

January – December 2020
Working on design & development
Proof of concept
Crypto payments
Token issue

January – December 2021 – active phase
Launch the web app
Develop an apps for Android & iOS
Create an international team.
The holding of a public IEO.
Decentralization of the project.
User base goal for the first 100.000 users.

January – December 2022
Increase the international team in more than 10 countries.
Attracting key investors in the form of corporations, funds, private investors.
User base goal for the first million users.

January – December 2023
Launch applications for new platforms.
Collaboration with leading projects on web.
Creating offline events.


Why do I need tokens?
You can pay for services, buy files, but you can also invest in tokens as an investor, exchange tokens for other cryptocurrencies, withdraw to Fiat on a Bank card.

What is the current value of the token?
At the moment, price depends on exchange, the rate depend on the daily activity on the

When can I sell tokens?
Tokens can be sold immediately through the interface, transferred to other cryptocurrencies or to a Bank card.

What is the token standard?
The ulus token is created on the blockchain Waves.

Why can I trust you?
We are a decentralized application that is developed and supported by a large community.
Our team is professionals with more than 10 years of experience in development, we have created more than one hundred projects, and now we are creating the ULU application.
We have big plans, great ideas, and everything to succeed, see our roadmap.


We are open to investing in our project through the purchase of our tokens. anyone from any country can become an investor.

We believe that the project will grow like a snowball, at the moment we are fully launching the application on our own, and any investment will lead to an increase in the value of tokens, market share, popularity growth, and development of the development team.

If you want to invest more than $10,000 in the project, please write to us